Georgia a fairy-tale country, 12 days

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Fall for the fairy-tale Georgia!

Fall for the fairy-tale Georgia! See what Georgia has in store for you from the West to the East and from North to the South. Discover the mysteries of the Caucasian nature and architecture. Dive in the waters of the Black Sea. See the peaks of the Caucasus. Explore green valleys, feel the freedom and every nook and cranny of Georgian cities. Enjoy exquisite wine, delicious food and long feasts. Go to colorful flea markets. Explore the history in monasteries, tserkovs, fortresses and fortified walls. Listen to incredible legends that will get you directly to the world of magic, where impossible is nothing…

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Сопровождение англоговорящего тур-лидера / гида и владельца Tamada Tour

Comfortable hotels *** in the city center

culinary workshops

Georgian feast - supra

медицинская страховка, страховка от несчастных случаев и страховка багажа


local color and culture

Питание (завтраки и ужины с вином)

round trips direct flight PLL LOT on the Warsaw-Tbilisi-Warsaw route

местные напитки и дегустация блюд

вход в любые платные заведения

трансфер на автобусе с кондиционером из / в аэропорт, из / в отель или во время поездок

Transport to selected attractions by off-road vehicles

Wybrane atrakcje Selected attractions Ausgewählte Sehenswürdigkeiten Избранные достопримечательности

O programie Gruzja Baśniowy kraj 12 dni

GRUZJA BAŚNIOWY KRAJ to nasz bestsellerowy program wycieczki do Gruzji. Jest efektem wielu lat doświadczeń w opracowaniu perfekcyjnej trasy zwiedzania, dogodnej dla wszystkich Uczestników. W cenie jest wszystko, bezpośredni przelot LOT-em na Warszawa-Tbilisi-Warszawa, komfortowe *** hotele w centrum miasta (TBILISI, KUTAISI, BATUMI, ACHALCICHE, TELAVI), śniadania w hotelach i CODZIENNIE obfite obiadokolacje w lokalnych restauracjach, najlepsi piloci-pasjonaci-specjaliści od Gruzji, codziennie wino do posiłków, liczne degustacje i atrakcje, bilety wstępu, prawdziwe codzienne życie, wspaniała gruzińska kultura i najpiękniejsze widoki, a to wszystko w KAMERALNEJ 16-osobowej grupie i znakomitej atmosferze.


In the heart of Georgia we’ll see a city from dreams. The legend has it that Tbilisi was founded by King Vakhtang I of Iberia who was captivated by hot springs and picturesque mountains in the valley. To see famous Tbilisi Sulphur baths (and most recognizable Orbeliani Sulphur bath) we’ll go to the oldest, 1,500-year-old district of the city. We’ll explore the gems of the Caucasus in impressively green parks, sightseeing Tbilisi monuments, and by a gondola lift we’ll go to Kartlis Deda. Other attractions include: Narikala fortress, Anchiskhati Basilica, Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral, Metekhi Orthodox church and Tsminda Sameba, shopping on Dry Bridge, a colorful flea market where tourists can buy souvenirs and antiques, we’ll admire exhibit of art pieces of Niko Pirosmani, and on illuminated Rustaveli Avenue, we’ll see an oriental building of opera, theater, philharmonic hall, Kashveti Church and a former governor’s palace. In the evening we’ll go to one of restaurants with wine, delicious food, music and live dance.


We’ll get across Georgian Military Road to reach the cherry on top – Stepantsminda earlier known also as Kazbegi located by the waters of Terek river and at the foot of Gergeti glacier. We take off-road car to reach Caucasian inactive volcano and the second highest mountain in Georgia – Mount Kazbek (5,033 m over the sea level). We’ll take an exciting escapade to Gergeti Trinity Church a holy monastery located on 2,170 m over the sea level erected in the 14th century (the bell tower was later built on) which was used as a safe place for national relics in time of threat and danger. Walking around this holy place for Georgians we can admire the breathtaking landscapes and snow-capped peak of monumental Mount Kazbek.

Georgian feasts

We’ll sit at the table to enjoy supra, a traditional Georgian feast with a great ritual. Georgians don’t need any reason to prepare a festive dinner and eating a meal a perfect occasion for long conversations which can be compared to oratorical art. We will celebrate over exquisite meals, wine and chacha and enjoy Tamada’s toasts. We will listen to laudation of God, peace and country. We will be taken aback by the fact that Georgians know almost 150 different toasts and each of them can be elaborated for couple of minutes which often happen to be the longest stories about life, art, culture, religion, history, politics, family concluded with moral or wishes.


This attraction includes a Georgian cradle of wine-making where in Kvareli we will be familiarized with secrets of Kakheti wine production. The first secret will be revealed in bio grape orchard. We’ll taste various Georgian wines produced in concordance with traditional formula, handmade artistry and timeless passion. We’ll learn that life in Kakheti isn’t concerned only with wine and local people don’t live just from one Rtveli to another Rtveli – we’ll go to Gremi, a former capital city of Kakheti that existed only about 150 years, which is rich in most important architectural monuments in Georgia. History about Christianity in Georgia wil be presented while visiting an impressive David Gareja monastery complex, Alaverdi Monastery, Nekresi Monastery and Bodbe Monastery. Another destination is the town of Sighnaghi a small town located on a hill which cobbled streets will get us to observation points and National Museum with art pieces of primitivist artist Niko Pirosmani.


The most popular Georgian seaside resort rich in over 2 thousand species of plants which flower in the nineteenth century Botanical Garden over the turquoise waters of the Black Sea. Walking across the seaside boulevard will get us to the Miracle Park, Statue of Love, Alphabetic Tower and… art sculpture of “Sea Slippers on Eggs”. We will take a look at the upside-down restaurant named The White Restaurant, luxurious hotels and office towers, carnivals, casinos, eclectic townhouses and unique facade of Batumi university. In the evening we will experience another face of this city of contrasts: Dancing Fountains which will be very a refreshing entertainment after the whole day of sightseeing.


We’ll go across the Mtkvari river to the southern Georgia only 12 km from the border with Turkey with Erusheli Mountain hides an impressive phenomenon of medieval constructions, namely an excavated from the slopes of the mountain stone city of Vardzia. The city seemed to be quite small, but there are 13 tiers for monastery, throne room, 3,000 chambers for 60,000 wealthy Georgians who found safety during times of Mongolian and Persian raid. We’ll get to many of 300 chambers available for sightseers through narrow and short tunnels. We’ll learn that this marvel of nature which was invisible for the enemy channeled to the safe height of 1,300 m over the sea level irretrievably collapsed and changed into a wort-seeing monument.

Guest is a gift from God

Georgian hospitality is omnipresent when exploring the country. We can be sure that the popular saying: “if a Georgian invites a guest to his house, it is his guest. If a guest stops himself in front of Georgian’s house it means he was sent by God and you cannot discuss with God” is not a legend or just a saying. As a gift from God, guests are welcomed with a genuine, natural joy and respect as if they were expected. That’s why they receive everything they need before they even say it. For Georgians as hosts there is nothing more important than welcome, feed, house and to express hospitality. Georgian hospitality will be the most memorable expression of human kindness and big heart.

Wine and food

We’ll join a feast in cozy family restaurants where we can know the authentic Georgia. Followed by the voice of Tamada we’ll make a few toasts with exquisite chacha and we’ll taste all gems of culinary Caucasus. We’ll eat khachapuri and khinkali, badrijani (fried eggplant stuffed with spiced walnut paste), Ajapsandali, soups kharcho and chikhirtma and a lot of more famous Georgians dishes. Food will be accompanied with splendid Kakheti wine or fresh cooled lemonade. For dessert local ripe fruit and delicious churchkhela (a candle-shaped candy with nuts and grapes). In order to always remember flavors of Georgia, we’ll participate in culinary classes to learn about preparing khachapuri and khinkali.

David Gareja monastery complex

Not many sacred objects arouse such feelings like David Gareja monastery complex (erected in 6th cent.) location of which has become subject to a border dispute between Georgia and Azerbaijan. We’ll get through semi-desert to slopes of Gareja mountain to learn about his history: why the Syrian monk settled in such a demanding region and how he managed to change caves into one of the most important centers of Georgian Orthodox Church which comprises 6 buildings of lavra, Dodo's Rka, Natlismtsemeli, Udabno, Bertubani and Chichkhituri. We will find out what “Tears of David Gareja” are and we’ll sneak into natural rock caves to admire colorful frescoes depicting very important public figures that contributed to this building erection. At the end we will admire the view from high mountains.

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Tours and sightseeing takes place in cozy groups of 16 participants guided by English-speaking tour leader – a resident expert who is passionate about a given region and knows its culture, traditions, history and geography. We will reach the most interesting attractions, everyday life and culture, colorful bazaars and less known places which tourist hardly ever travel to.

Trasa i program wycieczki 12 dniowej Route and program of a 12-day trip Route und Programm einer 12-tägigen Reise Маршрут и программа 12-дневной поездки

12 days in a fairy-tale Georgia 2018


Participants gather at the airport. Check-in. Flight to Georgia.

DAY 2. TBILISI (distance: 20 km)

Arrival in Tbilisi where we’ll be welcomed by Tamada Tour guide, transfer from the airport to hotel. Rest. Breakfast. Sightseeing the beautiful capital city of Georgia: Tsminda Sameba (20th cent.), fortress of Narikala (6th – 8th cent.), tserkov Anchiskhati Basilica of St. Mary (5th – 6th cent.), tserkov Metekhi (13th cent.), Tbilisi Sioni Cathedral (11th -12th cent.), and the Tbilisi sulfur baths including the world famous Orbeliani Baths (19th cent.). Taking a gondola lift to see the monument of the Mother of a Georgian (20th cent.). Sightseeing the Tbilisi old town and monuments on Rustaveli Avenue: The Freedom Monument, the house of the former Parliament, theater, opera erected in oriental style, philharmonic hall, the Kashveti tserkov (19th cent.), and old-time Palace of Caucasus Viceroy. Free time and dinner restaurant with live music and dancing. Accommodation in hotel.


Breakfast. We go north through the Georgian Military Road to Stepantsminda (Kazbegi) to see an inactive volcano Mount Kazbek (5,033 m over the sea level). We’ll admire a magnificent fortress of Ananuri (16th  – 17th  cent.) which is located on the large water reservoir Zhinvali and by off-road cars we’ll to go to the world famous Gergeti Trinity Church (2,170 m above the sea level), from which the snow-capped peak of the Kazbek can be spotted. Return to Tbilisi. Dinner on the go. Accommodation in hotel.


Breakfast. We head to Mtskheta – the former capital of the Kingdom of Iberia, where we can admire monuments enlisted in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. We go up to the Jvari tserkov (6th -7th cent.) with
a breathtaking view on the city and two main rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi. The next place is the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral (11th cent.) famous for religious artifacts and impressive frescoes. Free time. Another destination is nunnery Samtavro (4th cent.) in which Georgian rulers who converted to Christianity in 337 on behalf of the whole country are buried. The plan is also to visit a rocky city of Uplistsikhe (5th cent.) a former home for rulers and a center of pre-Christian cult. We’ll go to Gori a city famous for being a birthplace of Joseph Stalin. We go further through the Surami Pass in order to get to one of the oldest urban complexes in the world – Kutaisi (17th -15th cent. B.C.) to recognizable for legends about Jason and Prometheus. Dinner. Free time. Volunteers can take a walk to the city center to see theater and opera house and a fountain with reproduced sculptures which were found in Georgia 5,000 years ago. Accommodation in hotel.


Breakfast. We go to Kutaisi attractions: a present-day headquarters of the Georgian Parliament (since 2012) and the Bagrati Cathedral (6th cent., reconstructed in the 20th cent.), three tserkovs and Gelati Academy in which studied prolific Georgian and Greek philosophers. Moreover, the king David IV of Georgia (known as David the Builder) was also buried there. The last attractions include: the Cave of Prometheus and Batumi – a seaside city located on the Black Sea coast. We’ll take a walk across Batumi Botanical Garden (19th cent.) Dinner in restaurant in Batumi. Free time. We recommend an evening bath or cafes and restaurants with live music. Accommodation in hotel.

DAY 6. BATUMI-SARPI-GONIO (distance: 20 km)

Breakfast. Free time for sun bath and swimming. We will take a walk on seaside boulevard to the harbor and the Alphabet Tower which is an impressive sculpture depicting Georgian alphabet. Coffee break and free time. We go off to Sarpi, the westernmost point of Georgia located near the border with Turkey overlooking the mosque with minaret. On the way back, we can admire the Roman fortress from the 2nd cent. B.C. (fortress of Gonio – formerly Apsaros) where according to the legend Saint Matthias is buried. Dinner in Batumi. Accommodation.


Breakfast. We head to Akhaltsikhe, which used to be headquarters for Russian army in tsarist times. Another attraction is the SPA resort town of Borjomi. Then, we take a walk across Borjomi Central Park (20th cent.) to taste this exquisite, sanative water directly from the spring. Dinner in restaurant. Accommodation in hotel in Akhaltsikhe.  


Breakfast. The first destination is the medieval architectural phenomenon: the excavated in mountains town of Vardzia (12th – 13th cent.) and a great Khertvisi fortress (2nd – 12th cent.) which was said to be destroyed by Alexander the Great. A small coffee break and return to Tbilisi. Dinner. Accommodation.


Breakfast. We go Kakheti, one of the oldest regions of Georgia and the cradle of winemaking. Attractions include: David Gareja monestary complex (6th – 12th cent.) located on a semi-desert near the border with Azerbaijan, spectacular city of Sighnaghi (18th cent.), known as Georgian Carcasonne and Bodbe Monastery (9th – 17th cent.), a nunnery town with a tomb of Saint Nino from Cappadocia who introduced Christianity in Georgia. We’ll also visit Georgia National Museum and the exhibit of the works of Niko Pirosmani and a collection of sculptures from 5,000 years ago. Dinner in a fancy restaurant in Sighnaghi. Accommodation in Telavi, the capital of the region.


Breakfast. The Kakhetian architectural sacred and secular pearls include: Alaverdi Monastery (19th cent.), Gremi (15th cent.) – a medieval town and former capital of Kakheti and the monastery complex Nekresi (4th-16th cent.). Another attraction Wine House Kindzmarauli Corporation in Kvareli where we’ll learn about the processes of distinctive Georgian art of winemaking. You have the opportunity to purchase wine for a good price. Dinner. Accommodation in Telavi.


Breakfast. Shopping on the oriental marketplace and we say goodbye to Telavi. On the way back to Tbilisi, we visit Tsinandali (19th cent.) with the garden and palace belonging to Alexandre Chavchavadze, Dry Bridge Market – a local flea market where you can buy hand-made works and antiques. Last chance to take a walk across the Tbilisi old town. Farewell dinner in a fancy restaurant. Free time. Accommodation in hotel.


Preparation for departure. Dry provisions for breakfast. Transfer to airport.

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